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June 21, 2012
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I LEGALS CONTINUE FROM PAGE 2 I IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF AMITE COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI CONCORDIA BANK & TRUST COMPANY PLAINTIFF VS. CIVIL ACTION NO. 2012-0162 SYMORE MAXWELL, ROSE'n'A ROBINSON AND DERRICK ROBINSON DEFENDANTS SUMMONS THE STATE OF MISSISSIPPI TO: DERRICK ROBINSON, address unknown You have been made a Defendant in the suit filed in this Court by Concordia Bank & Trust Co., Plaintiff, and an order of attachment against One (I) 1998 Sthr Mobile Home, Serial No. DSDAL20531AB titled in the name of Seymore Maxwell and Derrick Robinson, and in the possession of Rosette Robinson, physically located at 2975 Maxwell Lane, Liberty, . MS 39645, for $2,500.00, has been executed and is now pending in this Court. You are summoned to appear and defend against the complaint filed against you in this action at 9:00 a.m., or as soon thereafter as counsel may be heard, on the 28th day of August, 2012, in the courtroom of the Amite County Courthouse at Liberty, Mississippi, and in case of your fail- ure to appear and defend a judgement will be entered and the estate attached will be sold. Issued under my hand and the seal of said Court, this the 11 day June, A.D., 2012 /s/RonnyTaylorbyApril Roberts, D.C• Chancery Clerk of Amite County, Mississippi (SEAL) Wllkerton & Crlwford PuOlll:Jut21,28,July5,2012 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS FOR Field Memorial Community Hospital Floor Refinishing Services Field Memorial Community Hospital (FMCH) will accept sealed bids for FLOOR REFINISHING of hospital• Bids will be received by FMCH in Administration until 1:00 pm on July 11, 2012 at which time they will be opened. All bids shall be sealed in an envelope which will be plainly marked "Bid for Floor Refinishing Services-2012" and the name of the bidder, Contact Stacy Smith at 601-645-5221, ext. 310 for specifications. FMCH reserves the right to waive any informality in any bid and reject any or all bids• purdah: June 21, 2012 BEFORE THE STATE OIL AND GAS BOARD OF MISSISSIPPI RE:PETITION OF GOODRICH PETROLEUM COMPANY, LLC TO REFORM THE UNIT FOR THE DENKMANN 33-28H-1 WELL, SEC- TIONS 28 AND 33, TOWIISHIP 1 NORTH, RANGE 4 EAST, AMITE COUNTY, MISSISSIPPI, APPROVE AN EXCEPTION UNIT, APPROVE EXCEPTION LOCATIONS, ALLOW INCREASED DENSITY WELLS, AND OBTAIN RELATED RELIEF DOCKET NO. 226-2012-D To all owners, operators and persons interested in the following described lands: All of Sections 28 and Section 33, Township I North, Range 4 East, Amlte County, Mississippi, comprlssd of 1201.0 acres, more or less. TAKE NOTICE that GOODRICH PETROLEUM COMPANY, LLC, has filed a Petition with the State Oil and Gas Board of Mississippi in the above-referenced docket requesting that the Board grant the following relief: Alter, reform and establish the existing drilling unit for the Denkmann 33-28H-1Well (=the Well") to a new unit• The existing unit is described as follows: The South One-half of Section 28, and all of Section 33, all In Township 1 North, Range 4 East, Amlte County, Mississippi, comprised of 874.6 acres, more or leas. The proposed new unit is described as follows: All of Section 28, and all of Section 33, all In Township 1 North, Range 4 East, Amlte County, Mississippi, comprised of 1201.0 acres, more or less. The Petition seeks to approve the new unit as an exception unit to the otherwise applicable spacing rules; approve exception locations for the Well; allow additional wells to be drilled on the unit with certain spacing provisions; provide for a test period to establish maximum efficient rate of production by each well; and grant such other relief as set forth in the Petition• The proposed surface location of the Well is 319 feet North of the South line and 1856 feet East of the West line of said Section 33. The estimated terminus point (or bottom hole location) of the Well is 2072 feet South of the North line and 1650 feet East of the West line of said Section 28. The Well will be authorized to be horizontally drilled to an estimated vertical depth of 13,000 feet and an estimated measured depth of 20,916 feet to test and produce the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Formation and all other pools and formations which may be encountered. TAKE NOTICE that the above and foregoing matter will be heard at the regular July 2012 meeting of the Board to be held at 10:00 o'clock a.m. on July 18, 2012 at 500 Greymont Avenue, Suite E, Jackson, Mississippi 39202, at which time and place all interested parties may appear and contest said matter. If you intend to contest the docket or request a continuance, you must notify the Board and Petitioner's representative of your intention in writ- ing not later than 5:00 o'clock p.m. on Tuesday, July 10, 2012 (seven (7) days prior to the date stated above for the hearing). Failure to so notify the Board and Petitioner shall be a waiver of your right to contest or request continuance. You are advised that the Board may adopt orders concerning a peti- tion which may differ from the relief requested by Petitioner, and the Board will enter such order or orders as in its judgment may be appropri- ate in accordance with the evidence presented. STATE OILAND GAS BOARD OF MISSISSIPPI C. Glen Bush (MBN 7589) COPELAND, COOK, TAYLOR • BUSH, P.A. 800 Concourse, Suite 100 1076 HIghkmd Colony parkway p. O. BOX 6020 Ridgmnd.  39158 601-856-7200 601-886-7626 (fiLx) Publish: June 21, 2012 By:Is/Lisa A. Ivshin LISA A. IVSHIN State Oil and Gas.Board Supervisor i i i I , The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. ,,,Audrey Hepburn , i i I Amite County Medical Services, Inc. has an immediate opening for an experienced Office Manager• Must have 1 year of management experience, preferably in the medical field. Must be able to demonstrate an ability to supervise personnel. Must demonstrate the ability to relay and enforce policies and procedures and work withminimal direct supervision. Experience with electronic practice management system and/or electronic claims filing system preferred Must have experience working in Word and Excel• Must demonstrate ability to balance daily reports and end of the month reports. This position !includes supervision of clinic receptionists. Applicants should lemonstrate knowledge of all office business machines and )asic office procedures, Must have excellent communication md grammar skills. This is a full-time position with a fringe benefit package• Qualified persons, please send resume to Executive Director, P. O. Box 511, Liberty, MS 39645, FAX: (601) 657- B867 or emalh acmsinc@bellsouth•net. Resumes will be accepted through June 27, 2012. Amite County Medical Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer• I I ..... ' DEADLINES I 12 ARE TUESDAYS AT 12:00 NOON DPP PRESENTS FUNDRAISERS FOR CHARITABLE CAUSES DPP is a diverse group of individuals that have come together to form a Paranormal group• DPP focuses on Charitable events focused on saving endangered properties in the state of MS and also Children's charities. Recently we were featured on Walt Grayson's "Walk around MS". To view this seg- ment you may do so at: http :/ /www. /17 5 19370/Iook-around-mississip- pi-historic-home-needs-saving June 23rd we are having a fundraiser to go towards the preservation of the SUzie B. Law Home on Lake Washington• The main event will be at Bait N Thang's and the Southern Star Campground• We'll have food and a live band and a day tour of the Suzie B. Law house for 10.00 a person. If you would like to go on a paranormal investigation it is 30•00 a person. Limited tickets first come, first serve• Also, in July we will be hav- ing a fundraiser at the McNutt house in Vicksburg as seen on Bio channels "My Ghost Story" • Then, in October we will be having a Paranormal Metaphysical event in Greenville MS "The Delta Paranormal Project" They will have sveral speakers such as Patrick Burns from "Haunting Evidence" and his lovely wife Marley Burns, Chris Dedman from A&E's "Paranormal State" most known for his episode "MY name is 6" and an array of others. There will also be Vendors. That night the group will take guests on an investi- gation of three historiacl sites in Greenville. This event is to raise money for MDA, and St. Judes Hospital. For more info go to And if you would like to know more about DPP go to www.deltaparanormalproject.c om If you would be interested in having DPP come to your home or business to do a investigation feel free to e-mail us at casemanager@delta- We never charge for investigations 'INNOCENT SPOUSE RELIEF' PROTECTS AGAINST TAX FRAUD By Jason Alderman I'll wager that when most brides and grooms utter the phrase, "For better or for worse," the "worse" they're imagining probably involves situations like getting laid off or a prolonged family illness - not being the victim of tax fraud perpetrated by a current or for- mer spouse. Married couples typically file joint tax returns because it lets them take advantage of certain tax credits and other benefits not available if they file separately• However, one potential drawback is that you're each responsible, jointly and individually, for any taxes, interest and penalties due on returns filed while you're mar- ried, even if you later divorce. So what happens if .your spouse or ex-spouse - either unintentionally or deliberately - underreported income, over- stated deductions, didn't report taxable IRA distributions or any of a host of other sins in the eyes of the IRS? Well, you could be left holding the bag, even if those things occurred without your knowledge or understanding. That's why each year tens of thousands of people file for "Innocent Spouse Relief" with the IRS. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to prove your case and many are denied. Plus, until recently, the law mandated that in all cases you must have applied for relief within two years of the IRS' first collection activity or your claim would be disqualified. But in one respect at least, the IRS has eased the burden of proof:. Last year, the agency eliminated the two-year requirement for taxpayers filing for "equitable relief," a catego- ry open to taxpayers who don't meet the strict requirements of other provisions in the Innocent Spouse law. The IRS' change of policy recognized that in some cases, the victimized spouse doesn't even become aware of the transgression until long after the fact. Often it's because the offending spouse has concealed the information or hid or did not forward mailed underpayment notifications from the IRS - or, in the case of domestic abuse, the victim was afraid to come forward. There are three categories of relief you may seek: Innocent spouse relief; separa- tion of liability and equitable relief. The differences between them (including eligibility, deadlines and statutes of limi- tations) are complicated, so read "Tax Information for Innocent Spouses" at for details. To apply for Innocent Spouse Relief, you'll need to file IRS Form 8857; however, -one form will work for multiple years' filings. Don't delay filing just because you don't have all required supporting documen- tation, since in some cases the two-year filing deadline does still apply. In making its ruling, the IRS will consider factors such as your educational and business experience, the couple's finan- cial situation and the extent of your participation in the action that resulted in the erroneous item. The IRS will deny a claim if they believe you benefitted from the tax avoidance. Taxpaye[s whose past request for equitable relief was denied solely because of the two-year limit may reapply using IRS Form 8857 if the col- lection statute of limitations for the tax years involved has not expired. Visit "Tax Information for Innocent Spouses" at for details on the various types of relief avail- able, eligibility qualifications, statutes of limitations and more. I hope that your marital "worst case" never goes past a minor spat or two, but it's good to know there is relief available for such terrible situations. CASTING DYNAMIC BLENDED FAMILIES FOR NATIONAL TELEVISION PROJECT Los Angeles television pro- duction company is casting outgoing, entertaining blended families for a national televi- sion project Los Angeles, CA, June 18, 2012 - Los Angeles- based television production company Red Varden Studios is currently casting nationwide for dynamic, blended families for a national television proj- ect. Is your family a modern day Brady Bunch, distinguish- able enough to captivate a national television audience? We are now casting a large, blended family that resides anywhere in the United States. Are you an outgoing, dynamic family comprised of interesting characters and spouses that have children from previous marriages? Although on-cam- era experience is not required, all family members must have big personalities and be com- fortable speaking on camera. Unique personalities are a must. To be considered, families should submit the following to RVScasting @yahoo.corn: photographs of the family (both family photos and indi- vidual photos of each family member), describe the roles or jobs of each family member, tell us the family story and why the family would make for compelling television, what city and state the family currently resides in and include contact information (name, number, email). Red Varden Studios is a tel- evision and film production company founded in 2007. Red Varden develops and pro- duces scripted and non-script- ed content for studios, broad- cast networks, cable networks, syndication and digital media outlets, within such genres as documentaries, reality shows, game shows, viral videos, comedies, dramas and inde- pendent live action and ani- mated feature films. Since the launch of the company Red Varden has produced two sea- sons of the series The Othersiders for Cartoon Network and sold other proj- ects to TLC, Oxygen, Cartoon Network, ReelzChannel, and FremantleMedia. AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY UNIT #76 MEETING The Amite County American Legion Auxiliary Unit #76 met in the home of Linda Tiller on Monday, May 21, 2012, with seven members present• They were Estelle McGhee, Linda Tiller, Jo Schade, Mary Seay, Betty Duck, Judy Trent and Judy Short. Our President, Estelle McGhee called the meeting to order and had the opening prayer• April minutes were read by Estelle and approved as read. My thanks to Estelle and UBERTY DRUG STORE YOUR, DOCI-OI We follow doctor's orders to the letter. Your prescription and your health depend on our reliable, accurate service, CALL ON LIS: 657-8051 SEE: Ronnie Blalock or Wlnbourn6 Sullivan Registered Pharmacists for all your pharmaceutical needs MAIN SIP, EEI LIBERTY, MS Kathryn Terrell for doing the April minutes in my absence. We had a brief business meeting and discussed Girls State Convention. We have one girl attending, Judy Trent's granddaughter, Hannah Trent. Linda had our program. She spoke of the upcoming Memorial Day, which became a National Holiday in 1971. She spoke of our service men and women who gave their all. Our next meeting will be at the Legion Hut on Saturday, June 9 which will be our Joint Meeting. Sonya Swift and Judy Short will be the hostesses. Estelle asked that we all remember Margie Causey, whose brother passed away. Our Hostess, Linda, served delicious sandwiches, tea/cof- fee, and pie• Closing prayer by Estelle. She expressed her apprecia- tion for all who attended. Estelle won the door prize. SMILE! GOD LOVES YOU! NOTICE OF PROPOSED AD VALOREM TAX EFFORT AMITE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT The Amite County School District will hold a public hearing on its proposed school district budget for fiscal year 2013 on June 28, 2012 at 5:15 p.m. at the Administrative Office of the Amite County School District, located at 533 Maggie Street, Liberty, Mississippi. At this meeting, a proposed ad valorem tax effort will be considered. The Amite County School District is now operating with projected total budget revenue of $7,693,332. Of that amount, 35.20% or $2,708,250 of such revenue is obtained through ad valorem taxes. For next fiscal year, the proposed budget has total projected revenue of $7,773,037. Of that amount, 35.23% or $2,738,470 is proposed to be financed through an ad valorem tax levy. For the next fiscal year, the proposed increase in ad valorem tax effort by the Amite County School District may result in an increase in the ad valorem tax millage rate. Ad valorem taxes are paid on homes, automobile tags, business fixtures and equipment, and rental real property. Any citizen of Amite County School District is invited to attend this public hearing on the proposed ad valorem tax increase, and will be allowed to speak for a reasonable amount of time and offer tangible evidence before any vote is taken.