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November 1, 2007     The Southern Herald
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November 1, 2007

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n ~" ",~:F;hone" '. F, P F~x- . Cory Byrd, Victoria Coley *Lail Mott, Jordan M Peel, Oarrion J ii 601-657-8592 I! ~IIIL I! 601 657 4422 Cothren, Will Cruise, Angela Cruse, Robinson, Jordan T Sterling, THE COYO~'~ ~OWL II '1 " I'=, IIIBBlhl. I, i *Aurora Diaz, Anna Harvey, Tyrone Stevens, Angel L Todd, 14 ," . r " " " " t Michael Hood, Corey Kelton, Lane ReNica Weathersby and James C i'riJ " ~ ~ I ~ k~ " ' ' Miller, Jeffrey Morgan, Jeremy Mur- Woods. INSPIRATIO~ MOVIES !' ~! ' '~l ~ ~ - ' =li ray and Chase Stutzman. Fifth Grade Many movies ~.~e made every '/" 'I . . ' ~,~ : I'J!l":' Billgren,*Ashley JessicaSeVenthGradeAshm re'Etheridge,'Katherine*oorley MedinaMeicaelaand SixthAllenAnders n'GradeL Virgen. Tyler A year that officesand billiOnSaround:endof u'!~i~aking:d'flarsth themilli nslboXve 1 : " ] ' Convenience Store Longmire, Megan Picard and Blake Javontae Anderson and Kelvin always enjoyed!Watching a good !I;j : RO~ Box 522 9 r r,East Main Street * Liberty, MS 39645 . . ! Terrell. Eighth Grade Dale SteptOe.Principal,s Scholar movie,1,000 inandmy havewatchedlife '~o far. well over I~l~. " - ~. ~ "]err & Key Miller -,Owners ' : Daniel Cothren, Emily Cothren, First Grade There are mqvies out there that [' ,'; :"-'- "~*~.-~ ~ = ! *Julie Etheridge, *Ashley Felder, Jordan T Bell, Dakota M Brooks, will inspire yogi; to followmany i,r Cody Pianche and Marie Touch- Gelarion D Brown, Cody S Burris, paths. There ar~hree movies that I stone. Russell Chambers, Angel Gayden, will forever en~0utage people to ' T.IR yOF'RUNNINC OUT oF :'RUN ON iN TODAY AND GETSOME CASH -- IN A FLASH! Nineth Grade Brenda Bateman, *Chelsea Causey, Jakob Causey, Cody Hughes, *Emily Jackson, Samantha Landreneaux, *Haley Longmire, Emily Morales, Leanna Ross and Mason Thornton. Davonta D Holmes, Jarvis Herren Ryan J Idlett, Lawanzo C Magee, Austin B Maniscalco, Anthony Maxwell, Zachary Morgan, Lou Kiunte Z Nunnery, Deysha L Par- son, Christina Shipman, Nicholas Spohr, Brandi N Thomas, Jalen R Tenth Grade Walker and Felton Weathersby. Will Foreman Brittany Lambert. Second Grade Amanda Picard, Melanie Reed. Santiniqa R Allen, Jimmy D watch. One was~ made some years back named "Pay It Forward". The next is "Even Almighty", which was made recently. Ahd most important- ly, "The Passion 8f the Christ". "Pay It Forwarrd" was about a lit- tle boy that hadPa i~roject in school that could possibly change the entire world. He thought on it and began working h s~':project there- THE HERALD ~pi Page 3 WE WORK YOUR DOCTOR f .! y ." . I i i 302 Delaware en?e McComb, MS- '[I " ,-,- 601 250 0509 *Minimum income $!,400 monthly, s~x months at current lob, down pa;,rnents may vary. See dealer fordetails Marceaux, Lillian Mitchell, Linterial Nesha Patterson, Javonta Robin- son, Toni Smith, Christopher D Tobias, Tamara Ann Whitehead, Sharonda Willis and Sierra Wright. ,Seventh Grade Ashanna Degenae Huff, Jamario Tyron arid Kristen Marie Scarb~rry. iLet ms give so much time to theJ~I limprovement of myself that I shall I Jhave no time to criticize others. I -Dean CreshamI Edward M Blalock, Quaneilus Bonds, Jonathan Darrell Botley, Emmit Caldwell, Tandrinka Dillion, " Marcus Holmes, Ricki L Idlett, Petrie Danyell Lee Carey Marisa Large Selection of Clean Late Model Cars, Trucks and SUV's after, His project? erie that involved We folloW doctor's orders to *Justin Rushing, Austin Sullivan, Anderson Na.ikira D Boss, Curtis L three acts 'of kindness toward oth- theletter. Your prescription Brooklyn Tetrick, *Stormy Thornton, Colhns, Austin Dixon, Deleshia A ere that would mea~n~the people he : and your health depend on Abby Toler and James Westbrook. Gardner, Tyler @ Gore, Hermanshowed kindness t~would have to ,our reliable, accurate service. Eleventh Grade Harrell, LaKayla S Jackson, Joshua 'pay it forward' to ~l~ers until it was ::CA L LONl/5: Alex Baden, Jessica Bates, Jen- A Medina, Keyamber K Moyd, Jere- widespread. Near]!~e end of the nifer Byrd, Cody Canton, Coleigh my V Peel: Olivia Porter, Breanna S;E"~Rw~n~7B~al~: ''Z'iRI]c;1 Carnegie, Laci Easley, *Danielle D Rollins, Rsyontae B Scott, Ticni. movie, 'pay it forw~' was all over " ,Evans, Joshua Jordan, *Ashley na Cheyenne Seeden, William the world, but the ~le boy died in ~ltl/'E (~N (;IVF. YOU THE (.:ASH YOU ,NEED Havard, T.J. Hood, *KerN Kn .qht Weathersby Alyssa B Wilkersonthe end sparking~2revolution of r ITbDA I CALL Now Dayce Swearingen, Candy Swimsl and Michael L Wright. memow.kindness Fort havei~enthos~at likeleft toin seehiS ;Registered" " ournepharmacistsSUllivan . ' Cole Wells Haleigh Wroten. Third Grade movies that mak~ou think and : :~ for all your ',Twelfth Grade I mani J Anderson, Zabrena N : pharmaceutical needs ZippY. Checks and ZiDDV Title Loan Em y Batsman,David Car- Anderson Fe 'pe Anse I, Shonke- experience emoti.~! attachments, ; ] MAIN,STREET ~r this is one for you! ~i~ "'?~ ~ raway, Veranda Cothren, Tanner vms J B eke, N chelae J Co nsNext menti0~d is "Even ~:LIBER"~--Y.M~ ' . " . . . ' Cothren Jonathan Devilie ZachCourtney N Downs, Hulon L Jar- Almighty". Althoug~ comedy, thi~ .-" ~v~]~4~;n S.; '~" : Jones, *s mmons McGehee, nor, DeXavier M Gr mb e Shany a " - ' -. Meghan Patterson *Rebecca M Haynes Kelsea L Johnston one definitely h~ome indepth ' [ 1" e Liberty, MS39645 Rushing John Pau Su liven andDyneisha J Longmire, Kayt in M er, teaching in it as !~ God works. : ' " *Lilly Venable Deltiametrus T Patterson, Brandon Morgan Freeman,&~d's character, " " . -~ P~pes, Joshua Riley, Paul Robin- told Evan ~rk to prepar~ 601-657-8024 LIBERTY ELEMENTARY son, Holly K Rollins and Ederick D for a storm. Afte(~ting against ', ': -- " ' : " W I ams. this duty, Even ~tua ly began HONOR ROLL Fourth Grade building the Ark. M~ thought he'd ^ o I". . FIRST NINE WEEKS Harmony V Allen, Kendrick D lost his mind and ~cized h m end~ I Su~ -~Sehee ,M.o.~,~. HoP=on nULL nair, Cody Williams and Elizabeth Su~erintendent's Scholar Anderson, Ouindarius T Brashears, lessly. Even his f~i]y left him. He .FIRST NINE WEEKS Young. - First Grade Miracle Collins, Molly C Felker, lost his job. And he~egan changing I .~ De~0~/H P~ ~, Denotes a A's Third Grade Ca yn Brown, Carlo i Buckner, CraSheena Johnson, Oriane R "in appearance ~fi]ti! eventually he First Grade Kelsey Hays, Korlie Holland, Knedris D Haves Kevonna Hulbert Jones, Michael Kirkland John looked like Noah [~ m the Bible. I / ~UPIERyI~.TRICT 4 *Bryce Batsman *Mayce *Landon Leake Katie Lyn McDow. Braeden D " ' .'^^ = ' McLsod Destinee A Moma'n Din An importanU'i~sson that was~ / (Incu m,~TayIOr ~;~(;. ' ' . '. Love, Kay,== ~ ,v,~juH' ~," : Causey, *Korbyn Cummings Ba ne Lynasey W~cker and *Ka le mend Mor a : " ' " ' Y Y Kenneth L McGowan Demilah g n Nailon Patrick, made clear in this movie was that ]~ u 'vnTu/raves Dunaway~ Dakota Fleming, Mettle Womack ,L ' - ' T,auna N Perr, Ronika L Poewhen the Ark w;'~uilt by Noah, ,- " mu~, ue ~arlon r~unnery denanna ~ ~,I TRAN S POI,TION I= the animals bo~/~the Ark two- -, Hoyo, oo,e Preeman, Karhe John- ourth Grade Offlee, Chance D Roberts Grace K N~cholas S S~mmons, Yashemm S =~ son, Braden Knight, Kelsi Ma one, Mason Conerly Shelb Craw- Rollins Desmond D .~m.[' ^ Weathersby, Obedssha N Wind n,~ by-two with no ni"~ent, no atti,~ * ' "' ~'~ ~" ~ tudes and all waSi[~eace. It take~ i;, Kaitlyn Planche, Allison Roberts, ford, Fernanda Diaz, Loryn Hollis Thomas Devon Washinnton and and Kyle A Wroten. ~ *Emily Rushing, *Cissy Steen and Matthew Ison hood, Ty LaCoste and Andre Jeremv L Williams -- Fifth Grade courage to standi~'::your enemies Sh " Cody Taylor. elby Wh=te. Second Grade Derrick T Anderson, Tattiana L and those that p~y;~l~on=; :,~ you but tIBless our chil,God, .~ Second Grade FifthGrade AmbriaSHandv, RsbekahHuff, Anderson, Dquarious M Butler, earth done. ~?/? iandhelpusso' ashi0n .* *Drew Brady, *Remi Brown, Bradley Ashmore, Jacob Bass, and Destiny S Perri'lloux Taylor Annabelle Chavers, Fredric A second im~0~t~nt lesson that Itheir souls by: pt and z McCain Carnegie, Shelby Conerly Shelby Brabham,Tyler Caston "Third Grade" Daniels Jasmine N Garner, was made in th'i~S movie was that ;: *Sophie Cothren, *Kaleigh Craw- *Clayton Causey, Brandie Church, Dylan M Adams, Colby T John- Christopher D Jackson, LaDedrick Ark had it's ownme~ning. A.R.K. or texample that J/y may ~, ford, Brady Cummings, *Halley Jordan Dunaway, :l'rent Jones, son, Elijah J Mart n, Kamrvn D D Jefferson, Imani R Lee, Alquinez Acts of Rando fn Kindness. How lever iove the flee ~; Etheridge, *Veranda Hart, *Jack- John i. McDowell, Ashley Nettsr- Verneuland Jessaca D Williams Martin, Stevie Pittman Courtney many of us sh0w Acts of Random Ifrom'sin, revq hy word, ~, son Kirkland, *Trace LaCoste, ville, Jonathan Patterson, Erin " Fourth Grade "" Weatherspoon and Hannah R Kindness in our busy every day *Michael Revels, *Daniel Perkins, Rape, Amber Rushing and Katelyn Devonta D iaoee Tiandrea Wells. lives?Perhaps ,we;~t~ould try to do /andhonorThy name. ,~. Alaynna Roberts, Brody Tel r, Trawls. icOaniel, Amakihi Janette icDow- Sixth Grade so more often, anYWay it forward' *Erica Touchstone, *Hunter Vick- Sixth Grade ell, Phillip B Mi er, Quiamond J Chrishuna Bell, Kelly Felker, while we're at it. .].',i e:~'~ '~:: !' ," --- "-' " ' .- " ' " " ' Terrca Jackson, Corie T Kinabrew, . Mentioned last; ~.~ with no dis- t. t -, - - Courtney Renee Lucas DeMarcus respect Or intentio~i~of leaving it ;: I' " X~''~'''-''-'---- " . . .t~ Magee, Jarius Seeden, Robyn Stu- hanging, is "TI-ie ~ssion of the t the face of every ";; ] ~ ~ r - ~. " art Kyndra Tate and Keith Christ". We all knoW'~the Bible and 'l l /-- " 4~llllllli'= X~ (~2" ' "1 "r t - I"--X'X ' Williams. Seventh Grade save f hOWusGOd sentw ~[d ~ only son to~ ~,o,~, o,~,~.',~,1 I t'and value from a of sin. We,~, ~ ~ 0 ~,~,v,u,u,v. -, /, [ ~ I "~ "2"~-~' ~',~' ~ .)~ ~ A~ 'II I ~ .~I/. ~ . ' Princess Ke Undra Anderson, know that Jesus ~st died upon -.: :, ,~/I -~'{ ~ ~(~~/It '~~ ~~/ X, Varnecla Burton, Courtavia that cross to d~'his have / ~ ~ -- -- -- ~ Cameron, Jewelle Conriada Cobb, watched this mo~ at least six ," / " ~ I f~"~ " " ; . . = & Aaliyah J Coney, Raenette Tiera times already an~ill probably / L /~r = = ~ /.~ ' / I' ~ - : l Holmes, Matthew McFarland, watch it even mor~esthan that ! / ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~1 ' ./ ~ " I Micaela Marie Temple and Chdsto- before I die. Every~e I do watch 'i I~ I ) "~~i~ ,! /"~ 1 pherAustinWikinson it, I end up crying~m not talking . "----II=," ~ re " ~ ~,- " 1 El hth Grade g about those shor;,~isobs that go / " S " ' J Tori L Curry, ZaQuanus Martrell away. I mean th~ull fledge no -L l L ' . / Tobias and Samuel J Wells. holds barred cryin~']~ere my chest :|- /When you purchase a vehicle from it Honor.of isheaving, my eye re spitting out "~ /; ' " ~ . ' . " - First Grade tears like the clou~ a downpour ii // A TX *,~ D amend A len Marterious D and my head is ye~ing to do what /,/ Iv, your creel[ IS " J r Anderson OwantaviusD Burton, is right to give our ~or my soul. lf / / --,Dalvin Crockett, Andre Graves, He can do what H~id for us, why ~, " Carle'shia Jones and Kendrick D can't a lot of us s~!fice our owq : / guaranteed, or you will receive /, Weatherspoon. selves for Him in~,~urn? Anyone : / / " ~i~ /~' ~ ~ / Second Grade that needs tO feel ~er to our Sav- l ~,tilL" ~ ~ II I I / Joseph E Kirkland, Haley E ior should watch ~ movie, then ~'l / .'~1| ~| ~ / Kuhlmann RoyLee, JesiahNMar- decide rather or n(~, ey are ready / / ~ ~ U U ' / I tin, LaDarius M Martin, Rydericka N to commit to Him. ~' * Although therapy:as much con- // / I Martin, Dwaynedria D Moore, Day-troversy over the(~ovie,will still r~, ~, esha M Perry, Jacey L Pursell, We welcome first hme buyers. /J Charlene. Robinson andAntonio recommend anyo~eandeveryone / - -. . / 1 D Washington. to watch it. Just'i sure you have. ii/ your kleenex right! beside you, and bankruptcy, dworce, slow credit./ I James AhnidderGsr:ndejoshua B be ready to realm'as the movie is = / ---- -- - ~ / Arnold, LaDerreonta Cain, Krimel B made so you h.~ve to read what :1 / We held ,ood neor, l, I/I)1#I~ / / Chandler, Leigha C Martin and they are saying.:,Nonetheless, you ]-" 0 =,t v ~,~.r =, / / r ~ / I Branshaun M Nunnery. should see it o v,er and over an4 / / ]~ I -- ~ Fourth Grade over, until your ~er~eption of what ! ~ oaa creaU. [ Jermaine Beasley, Mariah Jesus went thr ,~to save our '" l/ ' ~ Brown, Ladarryus J Caulfield, Terry so~ vI / ' ~'~ Demouchet, Marissa C Gardner, I I / " Tyra Hood, Jah Keen I Kettles, Jer- II / marchevez R Martin, D Andre WeakneSs ,/,~'att!tude i~l L / ~ //~,~ ~ ~ Mosley, Anthony O Rancffer, , 'l ~ / / -~~'~~ ~"~~ ' X Damon D Smith, Danyelle S Walk-can e(ome eakness I/ I % ~/ ~ "~k " er, Tony T Wells, Caleb J Wilkinson of char l r- and Nadia A Wilkinson. i','~ ', ~ Fifth Grade ~(~ Charlania K Carroll, Taylor M ~"~ [ i ~ C/IIT ~L = .= . I Cernich Adrienne M D xon Amen- P ' I 7 pu[ our money wnere our mouth is!/ da P Fenn Derrick Malik Johnson, I I ~ ~ ~ Titiana M Mitchell, Tony L Murray, ; I ~"~"" - ~ Chelsi N Pursell and Matthew C '~ ~ Wilkerson. ~ Sixth Grade F~[:~k S ~ ~ LuNar US dermaine ~laKe,