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November 1, 2007     The Southern Herald
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November 1, 2007

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GENERAL ELECTION BALLOT STATE OF MISSISSIPPI AMITE COU NTY Tuesday, November 6, 2007 Precinct: East Gloster [ For Governor Vote for ONE O John Arthur Eaves, Jr. Democrat O Ha|ey Barbour Republican O Write-in For Lieutenant Governor Vote for ONE O James R. 'Jamie' Franks, Jr. Democrat O Phil Bryant Republican (~ Write-in For Secretary of State Vote for ONE O Robert H. 'Rob' Smith Democrat O Delbert Hosemann Rep~ an Q Write-In For Attorney General Vote for ONE O Jim Hood Demmat O AI Hopkins Republican Q Write-in For State Auditor Vote for ONE O Mike Sumrall .Democrat O Stacey E. Pickering Republican O Write-in For State Treasurer Vote for ONE O Shawn O'Hara O Tate Reeves O Write-lq , Democrat Republican For Commissioner of Agriculture & Commerce Vote for ONE O Rickey L. Cole O Lester Spell O Paul Leslie Riley Democrat Republican Constitution O Write-In For Commissioner of Insurance Vote for ONE O Gary Anderson O Mike Chancy (~ Write-In Democrat Republican For Southern District Public Service Commissioner Vote for ONE O Mike Collier O Leonard Bentz (~ Write-In Democrat Republican For Southern District Transportation Commissioner Vote for ONE O Wayne Brown Democrat 0 Larry Benefield Republican O Write-In for UlSfflCt Attorney ' ] District 6 For Tax Assessor Collector Vote for ONE Vote for ONE "i O Jennifer Lindsey Democrat 0 Ronnie L. Harper [)emocrat 0 Write-In O Write-In ~ For State Senate For Justice Court Judge - Northern Vote for ONE District 37 " Vote for ONE,O Roger Arnold ' Democrat 0 ";,wit in ' 0 Bob M. Dearing Democrat 0 Write i. ' ' For Co nstabie - Northern Vote for ONE " For State Senate I O Murry Toney Democrat " District 38 i O ~Vrite in '" '" Vote for ONE O' Kelvin E. Butler Democrat I For Justice Court Judge- Southern j CD ~ I " Vote for ONE I For State House of Representatives O Louis Green Democrat District53 ~ ~Nrltm In ; Vote for ONE For Constable - southern 1 O Bobby Moak Democrat Vote for ONE / 0 Carl Mason Constitution 0 Jerry Bruce Bates Democrat O V~rito-I. Write-in For State House of Representatives District 96 Vote for ONE O Angela Cockerham O Write-ln Democrat For Supervisor District 1 Vote for ONE 0 Dale Sterling Democrat (~ Wrlte-ln For Supervisor District 2 Vote for ONE 0 Will L. Powell Democrat 0 Write-.In For State House of Representatives District 97 Vote for ONE O Sam C. Mime, V O Write-in Republican For Chancery Clerk Vote for ONE 0 Ronny Taylor Democrat 0 Write-ln For Circuit Clerk Vote for ONE 0 Sharon Walsh Democrat 0 Write-in For Coroner Vote for ONE CD James C. Magee Democrat 0 W. i~nte-ln ,--, For Sheriff Vote for ONE 0 Tim Perkins Democrat 0 Write-in For Superintendent of Education Vote for ONE 0 Deborah 'Debbie' Brown Hopf Democrat 0 Susan Terrell McGehee ndependent Write-in For Supervisor District 3 Vote for ONE 0 Jackie Whittington Democrat 0 Write-In " " For Supervisor District 4 I,Vote for ONE / O Travis Taylor J O Melvin 'Butch' Graves it Democrat Independent For Supervisor District 5 Vote for ONE O Max Lawson Democrat 0 Write-in SPECIAI~ ELECTION For Election Commissioner District 5 Vote for ONE 0 Frances Jones L 0 Write-in Kick bad habits. Smoking one $5 insulating your house and lowering the S pend less so you can save more pack of cigarettes a day costs over thermostat, among other things, you By Jason Alderman $1,825 a year, not to mention poten- can savebig bucks--and save the envi- We all know we should set aside tially thousands in additional medical ronment. Go to money for a rainy day, a house down and lost-work costs. Add $10 a week for more information. payment or retirement, but there are in lottery tickets and that's another Switch to lower-interest and no-annu- always a million reasons why we can't. $520 a year. By investing that same al-fee credit cards. And, before you If this sounds familiar, remember this: money at an 8 percent annual rate of sign up for a card that offers rebates on To get ahead, you either need to earn return, you'll have more than $37.000 purchases, be sure you have the disci- more income or spend less -- or a little after 10 years, pline to pay off your bill each month; of both. Brown bag it. Sometimes going out to otherwise you'll negate any savings. You could always ask your boss for a lunch is the only way to escape work. Shop around for no-fee checking raise or take a second job, but here are But at $7 a pop five times a week, accounts. A $5 a month service charge a few suggestions for tackling the you'll bum through $1,600 a year. 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To sign up for a free monthly personal finance e-Newsletter, go to www.practical- CHALLENGE TO CANDI- DATES: "SHUT DOWN HARD- CORE ACCESSIBILITY TO CHILDREN" ANTI-PORNOGRAPHY GROUP CHALLENGES CANDIDATES: Shut Down Hardcore Accessibility to Children&Battle Cry of 20th-annual White Ribbon Against Porn~og~.aphy (WRAP) Week NEW YORK (October 29, 2007) In conjunction with the 20th annual White Ribbon Against Pornog- raphy (WRAP) Week, which this year runs from Sunday, October 28, through Sunday, November 4, Morali- ty in Media president Robert Peters had the following additional comments and is one of several experts that are available for Talk Show inter- views: Our nation faces many problems, including the threat of terrorism, health care crisis, social security crises, envi- ronmental pollution, racial divisions, entrenched poverty, decaying infra- structure, loss of jobs to foreign coun- tries, and schoolsjhat don't teach. But our nation also faces a moral cri- sis, giving rise, among other things, to teen promiscuity, sexually transmit- ted diseases (including AIDS), abor- tions, children born to single mothers, divorces, sexual abuse of children, sex- ual harassment, rape, and trafficking in women and children. The human and taxpayer costs associated with these and other problems are incalculable. It is clear that the explosive increase in the availability of hardcore pornography is helping to fuel this moral crisis. It is also clear that ~gnor- ing the growing hardcore pornography problem (the Clinton administrationre- sponse) and refusing to take necessary steps to effectively curb the problem (the Bush administrationresponse) have~ ,~o,t solve~d.the problc~l, . -" - This ongoing government failure should be a matter of concern to every presidential candidate. While enforce- ment of ,obscenity laws is not the THE SOUTHERN HERALD Liberty, Mississippi November 1, 2007 Page 6 whole answer to the pornography problem, vigorous enforcement will put pornographers out of business, encourage others to get or stay out of the business, and encourage those who remain to be more cautious in how they do business. It will also improve our national image in the war against religiously based terrorism. The Supreme Court has held repeat- edly that the First Amendment does not protect obscene materials. The Court also said there are legitimate govern- mental interests at stake in stemming the tide of obscenity, even assuming it is feasible to effectively shield children from pornography "These interests include protecting the community environment' and the social interest in order and morality, protecting public safetyand family life, and maintaining a decent society.The truth is, Of course, that our nation has failed miserably in shielding minors from pornography. According to a study conducted by the Crimes Against Children Resource. Center, the percent- age of Internet users ages 10 to 17 exposed to unwanted pornography in the previous year increased from 25% in 2000 to 34% in 2005. "According to a survey conducted in 2004 by the National Center on Addic- tion and Substance Abuse, 45% of teens said they have friends who regu- larly download pornography from the Internet. According to Nielsen/Net Rat- ings for February 2002, nearly 16% of visitors to adult websites were younger than 18 years of age. Among other things, hardcore pornog- raphy found on the lnternet depicts pseudo child porn, barely legal teens, unsafe sex, group sex, gang bangs, public sex, sex with animals, sex with urine and feces, sex with siblings, sex with she-males, and the degradation. rape and torture of women. ABOUT ROBERT PETERS: Robert Peter is President of Morality in Media. He is a regular guest on many television programs including three times on Larry King. He has been a diligent warrior in the fight against indecency for over two decades. ABOUT MORALITY IN MEDIA: Headquartered in New York City, Morality In Media (MIM) works through constitutional means to curb traffic in illegal obscenity. MIM oper- ates the website, where citizens can report pos- sible violations of federal Internet obscenity laws.Established in New York City in 1962 to combat pornogra- phy, now national in scope, Morality In Media works to inform citizens and public officials about the harms of pornography and about what they can do through law to protect their communities/iffd' Child/-eia. 1V~IM 'als-d Wo-rks to ~aifitaifl"~t~tl~d~~ of decency on TV and in other media. Contributions arc tax-exempt. ~, .: Debbie Brown Hol Amt e County 8upedntendemt of Education To the Voters of'Amite County: As the Democratic ncmir~ee for Superintendent of Education for the amite County School District, I ask you once again for your vote and support i~ the General Election on November 6th. I am currently serving the district as Assistant Superintendent and have served as a district administrator for Amite County for almost six years In my current position, I am responsible for the district's curriculum implementation, state testing, professional development, textbook adoptions and inventory, and state accreditation compliance. Additional responsibilities include acquisition and supervision experience directing curriculum, testing, and federal programs on the school level along with 19 years as a classroom teacher. I am confident that these different levels of educational experiences have provided me with a firm foundation to successfully lead Amite County Schools if I am elected Superintendent. I am a lifetime resident of Amite County committed to the educational advancement of all our children and youth in the county. Out of my 29 years of experience in the field of education, 20 of those years have been dedicated to service in the Amite County School District. I believe that in order for our county to prosper, we must provide quality schools and an educated workforce that will attract business and industry into the county. It is our responsibility to the children of Amite County to provide them with an educational foundation that will prepare them.for their future in a competitive society. My educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Education frbm the University of Mississippi, a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Southern Mississippi, an additional Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Southeastern Louisiana University, and numerous courses in post-graduate studies. Additional leadership training includes yearly participation in the Miss!ssippi Association of School Superintendents' Conferences and numerous trainings provided by the Mississippi Department of Education. Last fall, I completed the National Institute for School Leadership's Instructional Leadership Program and am currently nearing completion of a one-year school finance institute sponsored by the Mississippi Association of School Business officials. If elected Superintendent of Education I promise to be a responsible steward of the district's finances by developing long-range educational goals and a prioritized spending plan to meet the goals established. I will work with the school board and the Forestry Commission to develop a forestry management plan to keep the district's 16th Section timberlands productive while also building up the interest accounts over a period of time. In addition, I will seek funding for the renovation of the School Building Funds and by seeking federal grants, thus relieving a large portion of the burden from taxpayers. I humbly and yespectively ask you, the voters of Amite County, t0 allow me-the opportunity=to !ead ': Amite County Schools in meeting the educational needs of all our children. Please cast your for-vbt~ for me, Debbie Brown Hopf, for the Amite County Superintendent of Education, on November 6th: Sincerely, Debbie Brown Hopf J