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November 8, 2007     The Southern Herald
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November 8, 2007

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Bass pecans, rent butter, ftzrm-fresh baked into o flaky, c~,s~. November 11.21 &.December lS- 24 diate steps to correct it. TWENTY. Smile when picking up the phone. The caller will hear it in your voice. TWENTY- ONE. Spend some time alone. Now, here's the FUN part! Send this to at least 5 people and your life will improve. 1-4 people: Your life will improve slightly. 5-9 people: Your life will improve to your liking. 9-14 people: You will have at least 5 surprises in the next 3 weeks 15 and above: Your life will improve drastically and everything you ever dreamed of will begin to take shape. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. I THE COYOTE'S HOWL [ By: Coyette Stuart l LOVE THAT PECAN PIE Although my mother has been gone a while now, I can still remem- ber the taste of her pecan pie, and often wish she were still here to bake us up one, two or more. She always made a habit of baking me one of my very own, as well as Dick, her boyfriend at the time. Every Thanksgiving and Christ- mas we knew we could look for- ward to mom's pecan pies, and would hover in the kitchen waiting on them to get done. Of course, MENTAL FENG SHUI dreams. People who don't have she would pop our hands until they This is is without a doubt one of dreams don't have much. were cooled enough for us take a the nicest good luck forwards I NINE. Love deeply and passion- nice slice. have received. Hope it works for ately. You might get hurt but it's the Of course, the pecan pie isn't you -- and me! only way to five life completely, the only thing that I miss about my There's some mighty fine advice TEN In disagreements, fight morn. I miss her and Dick sitting up in these words, even if you're not fairly. No name calling, all night watching the turkey so it superstitious. This Lotus Touts has ELEVEN. Don't judge people by would be just right for noon, which been sent to you for good luck from their relatives, was when she was certain to have the Anthony Robbins organization. TWELVE. Talk slowly but think the meals prepared. She did this for It has been sent around the world quickly, a number of years, even when dad ten times so far. THIRTEEN! When someone was alive. Always being the one to ONE. Give people more than asks you a question you don't want sit up all night with the oven cook- they expect and do it cheerfully, to answer, smile and ask, 'Why do ing along on a slow 150L Amazing- TWO. Marry a man/woman you you want to know?' ly, she never would go to sleep until love to talk to. As you get older, FOURTEEN. Remember that she was ready the following night, t their conversational skills will be as great love and great achievements would have hit the floor and they important as any other, involve great risk. would have had to get dozer just to THREE. Don't believe all you FIFTEEN. Say 'bless you'-when move me. hear, spend all you have or sleep you hear someone sneeze. For all of you out there that have all you want. SIXTEEN. When you lose, don't memories of your parents, and the FOUR. When you say, '1 love lose the lesson, wonderous things they managed to you,' mean it. SEVENTEEN. Remember the do to make your holidays memo- FIVE. When you say, 'I'm sorry,' three R's: Respect for self; Respect rable, remember that God gave look the person in the eye. for others; and Responsibility for all them for a spell so that we could SIX. Be engaged at least six your actions, see how many things should be months before you get married. EIGHTEEN. Don't let a little dis- done. Although most of us have lost SEVEN. Believe in love at first pute injure a great friendship, our parents, they still live on in sight. NINETEEN. When you reali ze us of course, it would help if I EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's you've made a mistake, take imme- knew exactly how to make mom's / you purchase a vehicle from CARS IV, your credit is guaranteed, or you will receive We welcome first time buyers, bankruptcy, divorce, slow credit We help good people with bad credit. > put our money where our mouth is! Large Selection of Clean Late Model Cars, Trucks and SUV's Delaware Avenue McComb, 601-250-0509 MS *Mtmmum *ncome $1,400 monthly, s*x months at current Job, dow~ #a, mer~ts r~ay vary. See dealer for detads pecan pie so I could present myThis year's winners are a diverse own children with the taste of her group of intellectuals who represent wonderful baking. She was deft-a wide variety of approaches to the nitely talented in the kitchen. And I study of economics, culture, and know my sister would agree corn- their dynamic relationship in our pletely! age of globalization. They received their prizes October 30, at a special awards dinner at the University COWBOY HEROES Club of New York City. By Peter McHugh Here are the 2007 Templeton Ever since a September firefight Enterprise Award winners: in Baghdad, the American private 1st Place Book security firm Blackwater USA has "Actual Ethics" (Cambridge Uni- been under intense scrutiny. Since versity Press) Dr. James Otteson, then, too, the rhetoric directed director of the undergraduate hen- against the company has grown ors program at Yeshiva University increasingly heated -- with pundits 2nd Place and politicians hurling often "The Commercial Society: Foun- unfounded verbal "grenades" at the dations and Challenges in a Global firm. Age" (Lexington Books) Dr. Samuel Critics describe the BlackwaterGregg, director of research at the contractors pejoratively as "cow- Acton Institute boys," attempting to attribute reck- 3rd Place lessness, or worse, to their motives "Planting a Capitalist South: or actions. Masters, Merchants, and Manufac- But "cowboy" hasn't always turers in the Southern Interior, been a slur, and it needn't be one 1790-1860" (Louisiana State Uni- today. Indeed, there was a time, not versity Press) Dr. Tom Downey, too long ago, when cowboys wereassistant editor for the Papers of uniquely American heroes. Thomas Jefferson Project at When I was a kid, cowboys were Princeton University the "good guys." It was the cowboy 1st Place Article ethos -- hard work, respect, individ- "Adam Smith, the Concept of ual responsibility -- that helped Leisure, and the Division of Labor," America settle .and tame the West. Interpretation: A Journal of Politi- They could be trusted for protection cal Philosophy, 2006. and fair treatment. Cowboy history Mr. Brian Smith, Ph.D. candidate was perpetuated in the Saturdayin government at Georgetown Uni- matinees I shared with Roy Rogers, versity John Wayne, and Hoppalong Cas- 2nd Place sidy, where the cowboy's place in "Natural Law and Modern Eco- history was honored by society, and nomic Theory," Journal of Markets where their company made me feel and Morality, 2005. safe. Dr. Gerson Moreno-Riano, asso- That's my memory of "cowboy," ciate professor of government at and a label Blackwater deserves. I Regent University know, because I've seen Blackwa- For more information about the ter work up close and personal (and Templeton Enterprise Awards, spent a fair amount of time in those including opportunities for inter- early matinees!). I was safe in their views with this year's awardees, company, please contact the program's direc- In 2005 and 2006, I was the tor, Dr. Rich Brake, at Transportation Counselor at or (800) 526-7022 U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, working ext. 123. Visit www.cultureofenter- with Iraqis to get their roads, for further details about bridges, tunnels, and airports up ISl's Culture of Enterprise Initiative. and running. My job would have been impos- THE SOUTHERN HERALD Liberty, Mississippi November 8, 2007 Page 3 uBERTY DRUG ' "X, STOP WE WORK WITH YOUR DOCTOR We follow doctor's orders to the letter. Your prescription and your health depend on , ur reliable, accurate service. CALL ON US: 657-8051 SEE: Ronnie Blalock or Winbourne Sullivan Registered p.harmacists for all your pharmaceutical needs " MAIN STREET :, LIBERTY, MS If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers. -Edgar W. Howe I[ GOT JESUS? 11 sible without Blackwater. In my dealings, 1 found Blackwater staff to [ II be thorough, competent, and pro- l I JI, Ee r lPo,T,t ' qjE1WS BF 'hotyl#o.a #e fessional. It is widely known that I ' most are former military personnel, but that they are patriots and honor- able men and women who see their eml loyment as continued service to their country, is never reported. The time is here again for getting ready for the holidays. I only just now Potential for a deadly attack lay got a few pecans, but they are now cracked and ready to shell for pecan beyond every Baghdad corner, on pies, and cakes. We have not had the holidays at my house since I had every highway, and at every meet- the stroke, but my children want to come home this year to Mama's house ing location -- During my riskier for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can understand that for I know how I travels, when the radio crackled would love to have a holiday dinner at my mother's house or at with yet another report of a nearby Grandma's. While we could go to those houses to celebrate the seasons attack, I remember thinking of Roy with close family members. I really soaked it all up for I knew a time would come when we would go there no longer. I believe that loved ones who and Dale, Gene and Hoppalong, have passed on are missed more during holidays. But we don't dwell on those cowboy heroes of my youth, that. We focus on the here and now and soak it up too. But in Iraq it wasn't cowboys, but I have pies to make ahead of time and freeze taking pressure off of the Blackwater's men that kept me big day itself. Cakes can be made ahead and iced then frozen, or if the safe. And, though 30 icing cannot be frozen then make the cake ahead of time and freeze the Blackwater contractors have separate layers to thaw and ice later. I have only recently learned to do been killed protecting American that. diplomats in Iraq, not a single diplo- A close member of my family, besides Will, has been very ill. She is mat under Blackwater's protection publicity shy and will not permit me to publish her name. She has always has died. been more of a second mother to me. Many times across the years we One Marine Colonel, assigned to have picked black berries, May berries, and dew berries together. We my office in Baghdad, survived an have picked up pecans and plums and anything else that needed to be attack while under Blackwater's picked. When my children were small and if the weather permitted, I guard. He told me that the security spread a quilt on the grass and put my baby in the middle of it to play while forces took out five of the attackers, we picked. A light coating of bug repellent aroundothe edge of the quilt kept but one of the Blackwater detach- the insects and other varmints off of my baby. It seemed like every year ment members took a bullet in the we picked pecans up I either had a little baby or I was pregnant. Those leg. The Colonel claims he lives were hard but happy times with my babies. today because of Blackwater, and Last year when she and I were picking up some beautiful rocks togeth- that defender's sacrifice! Without er, she said, "Cheryl, I expect this is about the last thing you and I will pick the security they provided, it would together, don't you think so?" have been impossible for my team, I said, "Please don't say that. It sounds mighty sad." And it is sad, but we have so many wonderful memories we can recall and other American officials to and for all intents and purposes, in our minds we can be right there again. effectively help bring stability to I am a diabetic. Deabetes is one of my family traits. I must find a way to Iraq's government, infrastructure, deal with it. I have to decide how I will live with this disease responsibly, and people, and then do so. I just have to make up my mind that this is the way it will This performance of duty wasn't be, and using my new guidelines, carry on with my life as well as I can and recklessness. It was bravery! find a way to enjoy doing so. Incidents like these serve as Sometimes what muse be will be. I am not alone in this for millions of reminders of how much the streets people have to live with diabetes. Planning my meals is one of the main of Baghdad can seem like the things I have to do. Then cooking those meals I must do, no matter how I rougher parts of the Old West -- feel. and how glad I was that the "cow- I was in a minor automobile accident this past week and it was by the boys" were on my side. grace of God that no one was hurt. I don't look forward to going back and So next time I hear someone call forth for repairs. Oh well, I guess I can write while I wait. Biackwater's contractors "cow- On Thursday, November 7, Becky Terrell of McComb visited her par- boys," I'm going to nod in agree- ents, Clifton and Kathryn Terrell of Liberty. She enjoyed.spending the day ment and say, "Yup! And they with them. should be damn proud of it." Our sympathy is with the Stevenson family for the death of Carroll Peter McHugh is Interagency Stevenson, who surely was too young to die. Chair at the National Defense Uni- Have a great week. Get outside and enjoy the fall weather as much as versity, Joint Forces Staff College possible. [ hope we will have an Indian Summer with the beautiful leaves in Norfolk, Virginia. Previously, he on which God uses his paintbrush. May God Bless You and Yours. was Transportation Counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. ISI ANNOUNCES PRESTIGIOUS 2007 TEMPLETON ENTERPRISE AWARD WINNERS $50,000 FOR TOP AWARD The Intercollegiate Studies Insti- tute (ISl), a national educational organization headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, is pleased to announce the winners of the 2007 Templeton Enterprise Awards, part of ISl's culture of Enterprise Initia- tive, presented annually to scholars under forty who have produced the very best books and articles in the field of humane economics and cul- ture over the past two years. The Templeton Enterprise Awards are some of the largest in the publish- ing industry, with almost $100,000 in total prize money up for grabs-- the top book author receiving $50,000 in prize money, and the top article author receiving $25,000.